Elementary Statistics Video Lectures and Examples

Designed to be Used with TI83/84 Calculator

Introduction to Statistics Overview
Types of Data
Design of Experiments
Describing and Exploring Data Frequency Distribution
  Visualizing Data
Descriptive Statistics Measures of Center One Variable Statistics for a List of Data
Measures of Variation One Variable Statistcis for grouped data
Empirical vs. Chyebyshev's
  Measures of Relative Standing Comparing z-scores
Probability Fundamentals
Addition Rule Addition Rule
Multiplication Rule Multiplication Rule
    At Least One Probability
Counting Counting
    Permutations and Combinations
Probability Distribution Random Variables Probability Distributions
    Expected Value
Binomial Distributions Binomial Distributions
Normal Probability Distributions   Uniform Distribution
  Standard Normal Standard Normal
Applications Finding Normal Probability
The Cental Limit Theorem The Central Limit Theorem
    The Central Limit Theorem
    Another Normal Probability Example
Estimates and Sample Sizes Population Proportion
Population Mean: Sigma Known Finding a Z-Confidence Interval
Population Mean: Sigma Unknown Finding a t-Confidence Interval
Hypothesis Testing Basics
Testing a Claim about a Proportion Test a Claim

Testing a Claim about a Mean:
Sigma Known

Test a Claim

Testing a Claim about a Mean:
Sigma Unknown

Test a Claim

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